What is our blog about?

We are using this platform to further share our ideas, knowledge, and tips with our present and future clients. It is important to our communities and humanity as a whole to grow and develop together, to communicate and build on each other's thoughts. This is our small contribution.

What will we talk about in our blog?

Communication, business, education, professional development, marketing, management, sales, industry, and workplace; if it's relevant to professional communication and development, we will blog about it!

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

How we hope you perceive us?

We want you to get value out of our blog. Learning does not stop at school and after you leave a classroom. We believe learning is for life, and that the fastest advancing professionals are the ones that are students for life.

We ask you to read our stories, but then bring forward your comments, ideas, questions, and requests. Try implementing our tips and suggestions, then come back to us with your results and experiences. Together we can progress much faster and further than on our own.

Let's communicate. Let's communicate in English about the professional world!

Follow us and subscribe for valuable tips. We can help you grow your business savvy and English communication skills.

Please send us your inquiries, questions, and wishlists. We want to talk to you!

With love, your Chat.Box.English.Social team.


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