There is a correlation between English proficiency and a country’s service exports as well as the value-added per worker in services. As the complexity and sophistication of economic exchange increases, so does the demand for linguistic competencies. If you are to tap into international trading opportunities and develop service-sector industries, you will have to develop your team's professional English communication to a higher level, as there is a direct correlation between a country’s level of human capital development and its English proficiency.

Whether you are a professional looking for new opportunities, interviewing at the foreign Embassy or an HR professional interviewing for internayinal opportunities, we will work with you to We will work with you to ensure you are ready for your interview. Our experts have knowledge of the most common questions in these types of interviews. We will ensure you feel comfortable answering them in a professional manner to maximize your chances of achieving your goals. We will get you speaking and thinking in a "Western" manner!


Do you have a job interview? Are you preparing for an Embassy interview? Are you an HR professional? Are you looking to start interviewing foreign employees? Do you want your team to be able to work on a project on the international level? 

Tools for collaboration are only getting better. Online, work-based social media and collaboration tools are on the rise, enabling more frequent and more casual communication between employees in different locations. Back in the physical world, international job opportunities, conferences, and summits are now the norms in a wide range of fields, allowing colleagues and competitors to network, learn about each other’s research, and develop new ideas.


Exciting as this collaborative ecosystem can be, even the best collaboration platform cannot function when employees do not speak the same language. And those meetings and conferences take place almost entirely in English. From teachers to CEOs, those who speak English have broader contact with their peers and better access to the best minds and ideas in their fields. Cutting-edge scientific research today proceeds through complex, collaborative projects.


  • Looking to perfect your English interviewing skills

  • Want to understand the difference between Western and Balkan interview interactions

  • Looking to improve your professional English speaking skills

  • Looking to understand the differences between Western Resume/CV and European CV

  • Looking to prepare for an Embassy interview or any other type of interview

  • Looking to improve your business writing skills 

  • Looking to be mentored by industry experts with a combined experience of over 30 years working in North America, with global companies, such as Konica Minolta, Coloplast Canada Corp., Scotia Bank, Amoena, IWM Networks, Media House d.o.o. and Medela Corp.


1h 30 minutes sessions tailored for your interview and industry needs.  Sessions are designed to maximize communication and interview readiness. 


Interview and English Skills Assessment,  Review of Key Interview Questions, HR Interview Readiness Assessment,

Individual Recommendations, Tailored Sessions, One-on-One Coaching, Resume/CV Review.  

Lead By

Native or Highly Proficient Instructor


  • BONUS templates and tools included, that can be used in your professional career. 


Single Session


10 Sessions Package


25 Sessions Package


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