Our Face-to-Face program is a private On-Site or Virtual conversation class designed for all ages. You can choose to get them for yourself or offer your staff corporate pricing for private English communication 

lessons as extra employee benefits.

Many of you have learned English for years, but using it in real life creates an instant feeling of panic. We will help you lose the fear of English conversation. Our training will be aligned with your needs and skill level. Whether it's you, your staff, or your child, we will help you get rid of the biggest challenge - speaking English!


If you or your child have attended many English classes, and you are getting frustrated with spending the money but not seeing the results, this is a program for you. Science shows that the fear of speaking another language is easier to overcome when speaking with native speakers of that language. Native speakers, don't spend days learning grammar when they are small, they imitate the language of their parents; therefore, you need to do the same. 


If you are an employer, you can offer your staff corporate pricing for private lessons. Employers who offer a comprehensive benefits package to their employees tend to be rated higher on the best companies to work for ratings. Offering benefits that can not only improve employee life but impact productivity and employee satisfaction are win-win for both employer and their staff. The companies that communicate effectively and offer better benefits are 50% more likely to report turnover levels below the industry average.


  • You want to speak English, not know it just in theory. 

  • Want your children to start speaking English.

  • Want to clean up your accent and improve English grammar. 

  • ​Looking to offer a more comprehensive employee benefits package?

  • Looking to indirectly invest in your employee development?

  • Looking to improve your staff’s professional English speaking skills.

  • Looking to improve your staff efficiency and satisfaction.

  • Want to improve your best companies to work for ratings.

  • Looking to decrease your employee turnover rate.

  • Looking to be mentored by industry experts with a combined experience of over 30 years working in North America, with global companies, such as Konica Minolta, Coloplast Canada Corp., Scotia Bank, Amoena, IWM Networks, Media House d.o.o. and Medela Corp.


1h 30 minutes sessions tailored for your skill level, interests, and professional needs. Sessions are designed to maximize communication. A great option for  beginners. 


Skills Assessment,  Individual Recommendations, Tailored Sessions, One-on-One Coaching.  

Lead By

Native or Highly Proficient Instructor


  • BONUS templates and tools included, that can be used in your professional career or business. 

  • Access to reading material


Single Session


10 Sessions Package


25 Sessions Package


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