Advance your professional English communication skills with a comprehensive program that addresses all communication methods.

We will help you develop your confidence when speaking English, and guide you to develop advanced professional communication, negotiation, networking, presentation, and writing skills required for any business or career advancement.


The importance of studying business communication becomes all too clear when you are tasked with making a sale or presenting to a potential investor. You need to know how to speak and write with confidence and professionalism, all while giving information that converts. Sounding confident in front your client is key to a successful sale.

But high-stakes communication isn't the only kind of business communication worth studying. Internal communications require just as much thought and effort to make sure you clearly convey information. In a corporation that collaborates between countries, effective English communication is of paramount importance.

A candidate with good communication skills is likely to be knowledgeable and has the acumen for interpreting common business situations and stakeholders to create the best communication strategy and message. For example, how will the candidate frame an email to be sent out to all Board members announcing the results of a quarter, or, how will the candidate communicate the new Employee referral policy to all employees in the organization?

If you are looking to develop this key skill and simultaneously sound confident when speaking English, then this is a course for you.


  • Looking for an in-depth course, that differs from quick online courses, and has real application and practical components

  • Looking to improve your professional English speaking skills

  • Looking to grow your networking and negotiation skills

  • Want to master PowerPoint presentation development and presenting skills

  • Want to understand the difference between Western and Balkan business writing

  • Looking to improve your business writing skills 

  • Learn how to capture an audience's attention and convert that into actionable client activity that will result in a sale

  • Looking to be mentored by industry experts with a combined experience of over 30 years working in North America, with global companies, such as Konica Minolta, Coloplast Caa nada Corp., Scotia Bank, Amoena, IWM Networks, Media House d.o.o. and Medela Corp.



Understand what is business communication and business etiquette. What are the most common communication barriers and how we communicate with our body. STAR skills and applications. Once you understand basic communication principles, we will apply them to telephone manners, effective meeting communication, and conference call techniques. Finally, we will fine-tune your listening skills, 

question techniques, and how to provide constructive feedback.

Networking & Negotiation

Art of Networking and Negotiation. What is networking? Where do we network in todays business world? Develop some of the key networking techniques. How do you follow up, establish relationships and deepen the connections. What is negotiation? Where, when and how we negotiate? Key strategies for negotiation. Close it and win it. Finally we will cover non-violant



First we will review some of the tools available for slide creation. Dos and Don'ts of slide making. What are different types of presentation and key features of each. Once we have effective presentation making skills, we will focus on presentation delivery skills development. How to target, capture and close with your audience. We will provide you with a thorough and comprehensive presentation delivery and   

public speaking education.

Business Writing

Differences between Western and Balkan business writing. What is formal writing and proposal writing. How do we do it? Overview of marketing written communication. Different types of email communication. Grammar for business and key language. Written communication dos and don'ts. Tips and secrets of business world. 


  • 8-day course, 32h total (online 20h). Individual modules can be purchased. 

  • Delivered in English and Serbian 

  • Includes English communication practice. 

  • Guided practical component for each module by a native or highly proficient instructor. 

  • BONUS templates and tools included, that can be used in your professional career or business. 

  • Certificate of Completion.*

*Courses are in the process of being certified by accredited North American college and Association. 



Includes English for Business Communication Module + Bonus and Features


English for Business Bundle 

Includes modules: 

Communication, Negotiation & Networking, Presentation, Writing + Bonus and Features


Networking & Negotiation

Includes English for Business Networking & Negotiation Module + Bonus and Features



Includes English for Business Presentation Module + Bonus and Features


Business Writing

Includes English for Business Writing Module + Bonus and Features


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