Do you have an important presentation with a foreign client, sales presentation 

with a potential new 

customer, or an investor meeting? Do you feel like you can benefit from practicing your message delivery? We can help you.

Our expert team can work with you, or your employees, to perfect your pitch, customize your presentation and help you overall deliver a professional, concise, business proposal. With most business opportunities and potential clients, you only get one chance to impress; therefore, delivering a precise and professional message is of paramount importance.


You know what they say. The first impression can be the most important, but especially when meeting a prospective client for the first time. People tend to form their opinions about others based on all sorts of non-verbal cues. So it’s imperative that when meeting with a prospective client that you or your team show themselves in the best light from the get-go.


Prospective clients come to you because they need your help. They are often referred to you by a friend or through a business associate and have a particular need they believe you can fill. 


If you are presenting to the potential new investor or at a conference, the perception of your company will be directly formed based on your skill as a presenter and the professionalism you portray. So, one of the best ways to prove your worth to a client or investors is to be prepared.


  • Looking to perfect your message delivery

  • Looking to ace your next client, investors or conference presentation

  • Looking to improve your professional English speaking skills

  • Looking to grow your public speaking skills

  • Want to master PowerPoint presentation development and tailoring

  • Want to understand the difference between Western and Balkan business interactions

  • Looking to improve your business writing skills

  • Learn how to capture an audience's attention and convert that into actionable client activity that will result in a sale

  • Looking to be mentored by industry experts with a combined experience of over 30 years working in North America, with global companies, such as Konica Minolta, Coloplast Canada Corp., Scotia Bank, Medela Corp., etc.


1h 30 minutes sessions designed for your industry and company needs. Tailored sessions of one-on-one coaching. 


Slide Deck Review, Presentation Skills Assessment, One-on-One Coaching, English Communication Practice, Public Speaking Tips. 

Lead By

Native or Highly Proficient Instructor


  • BONUS templates and tools included, that can be used in your professional career or business. 


Single Session


10 Sessions Package


25 Sessions Package


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