Transform your Sales team or any of your staff in need of English conversation improvement, by focusing on the specific issues your organization faces.

We will provide you with custom training that gives you a competitive edge by teaching your staff the skills and concepts they need while addressing your current process, roles, terminology, products, and most critical internal or external challenges. We will make your staff, who speak to your foreign clients daily, more confident. That's a promise!


Research shows that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is directly attributed to the relationship between employee attitudes and confidence, and customer-related variables. If your customer interacting teams, be it sales or customer service, don't sound confident and professional when speaking to your foreign clients, your customer satisfaction and loyalty will significantly be impacted. 


Simultaneously, effective communication affects processes, efficiency, and every layer of a company. Organizations with connected employees have a spike in productivity of up to 25%. Ask yourself: If your organization is multinational, do you effectively communicate with your foreign colleagues? How would a 25% productivity improvement impact your company’s success? Would you see a revenue increase? Better customer service and hence, happier customers? Higher profits? All of the above (and more)?


Strong business communications in a company will likely result in higher employee engagement. Studies have shown that companies with an engaged workforce see a 19.2% growth in operating income over a 12-month period. Those with low engagement scores earn 32.7% less.

Therefore, ensuring that your staff, who speak to your foreign clients and colleagues daily, are confident and have a satisfactory level of professional English knowledge, will ensure both satisfied clients and more productive employees. 


  • You have teams who speak to your foreign clients and colleagues daily

  • Team members need to become more confident and knowledgable in professional English communication

  • Looking to grow your team's confidence

  • Want to have a professional communication assessment for each team member

  • Want to understand the difference between Western and Balkan business communication

  • Looking to improve your team's business communication skills as it relates directly to their role, departmental and industry needs

  • Looking to be mentored by industry experts with a combined experience of over 30 years working in North America, with global companies, such as Konica Minolta, Coloplast Caa nada Corp., Scotia Bank, Amoena, IWM Networks, Media House d.o.o. and Medela Corp.


1h 30 minutes sessions designed for your team. Industry and company tailored sessions. PLUS We come to you! 


Team Skills Assessment,  Post-Training Assessment Session, Communication Sessions Tailored for Each Team, Department Needs and Industry, Grammar and  Vocabulary Learning is Incorporated in the Conversation Sessions. Guided practical component for each session. 

Lead By

Native or Highly Proficient  English Instructor. 

Our consulting team consists of business managers, sales directors,

marketing professionals, and language professionals, with a vast industry

experience in corporate consulting and English communication coaching.


  • BONUS templates and tools included, that can be used in your professional career or business. 

  • Certificate of Completion.


1 - 5

People Team


Per Person

Per Session




Per Person

10 Sessions

1 - 5

People Team


Per Person

10 Sessions

6 - 15

People Team


Per Person

Per Session

6 - 15

People Team


Per Person

10 Sessions

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